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Events manager Jag Hunjan first went to Ibiza in 2006. “I was informed by text message that my car rental was a souped-up Seat Ibiza. Keys were under the drivers’ seat carpet. Sonica FM on the Stereo – I LOVED how they rolled and the love affair was immediate!” Thrown into the deep end of “mafia style dealings in the last-minute organization of a four-day press event for 80 European journalists” before long he was on peoples’ lists as THE Ibiza authority. You’ll find him on the island every season.

Jag Hunjan's Top Tips

  1. Rural luxury agroturismo – Atzaro, Cas Gasi and Can Gall.
  2. Mornings in Ibiza Town – Breakfast at Croissant Show then picnic from Mercado Viejo opposite.
  3. Es Cavallet beach for its natural park within close proximity to Ibiza Town plus El Chiringuito and La Escollera.


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