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UJ Editor in Chief Taryn Ross (from Vancouver, but she has three passports – Italian, Canadian and American) first visited Ibiza in 1999. She fell instantly in love with the island and a few summers later found herself working for Amnesia; the start of a lifelong Ibiza passion. “There is nowhere else like it. I would say a lot of people I truly get along with love Ibiza! The upbeat energy, freedom, and ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want, til how ever old you want draws them in.”

Taryn Ross's Top Tips

  1. Have dinner at the Pacha restaurant. It’s not only the best sushi on the island but the dining room has a great atmosphere – DJs and insiders a plenty are always dining in here.
  2. Get to know some of the locals – they make the island!
  3. Make the trek to El Boldado for lunch – it’s very romantic, and the seafood is delicious. Bring cash as they don’t accept cards and it’s a long drive out. And spend a night at Hacienda. I still think it’s one of the most special places.

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