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Six Characters in Search of Supper

If you thought that what Jamie Oliver did with school lunches in South London was pretty impressive then just wait until you see what arts collective Pankof Bank are doing right now to the unsuspecting streets of Deptford.

As part of the annual Deptford X event the Berlin-based group have decided
to erect their very own 'Supper-Market' (geddit?) on the streets of South East London. And, unlike your average Tesco Metro, this Supper-Market will include a farm, a restaurant, a school and even a laboratory.

During the day the fruits of this intensive urban labour will be dished out (literally) via soup kitchens, while each evening the streets of Deptford will play host to the kind of dinner party that doesn't occur very often, i.e., the kind you actually want to go to.

Each night six guests will be invited to take part in a public feast where food grown during the project will prepared and consumed. And, unlike your average prandial gathering, the guests have been handpicked to ensure intelligent and lively debate, which means restaurateurs sat next to architects sat next to clergymen, sat next to you!

Yes, Urban Junkies has spaces for dinner - one for Thursday and one for Friday - to give away. So if you fancy a seat at the table then all you have to do is email us why you'd be an interesting addition to the table.

And we promise that there won't be a Turkey Twizzler in sight.



Supper-Market is open daily until Sunday 6 November, 12-5pm at Gallop, 198 Deptford High St, SE8 3PR
Dinner parties are strictly invite only. Email with your pitch by 5pm today to apply.

by RH
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