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Not So Hung Up

Her version of Madonna's Hung Up was arguably more popular than the original. At least her video was.

Meet La Terremoto de Alcorcon. A 110-90-110 pin-up.

She could fool just about anybody, but she's no drag - oh no, she's the real thing, even if she sports impressively bushy pits when flailing her arms to her Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive-tribute, Sin Afeitar (without shaving).

A product of the Spanish cabaret group Diabéticas Aceleradas, La Terremoto achieved cult status on the Spanish gay circuit with her endearing covers, then burst onto the broader public stage thanks to her cracking Hung Up spoof video that went rocketing up the YouTube charts.

The combination of karaoke-style vocals and broken English - she happily admits to often having difficulty understanding the lyrics - is a sure-fire comedic winner, but actually belie the cleverness of the act that is evident if one understands a little Spanish.

The repertoire spans much wider than Madonna - though the Holiday cover is among her best - covering everything from Love Is In The Air to pop classics Thriller and Can't Get You Out of My Head. She is making her UK debut at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern's VauxhallVille this Thursday December 14, but we have made a selection of her best available for you to download here.

La Terremoto de Alcorcón
at VauxhallVille Thursday Dec 14
Download songs here.

by MF
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