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Dress Swap

Given that just about everything's in fashion at once these days - I saw references to virtually every decade of the 20th century in recent collections - there's little point in buying new clothes.

The novel solution? Just divide your wardrobe into about five equal lots, revolve these lots with brutal efficiency, and if you have friends with long memories, dump them every few seasons. That way you'll always look fabulous, courageous, and like, Totally New.

Another solution is to hold or attend a Swap Party - all the rage in these eco-friendly times. Bored of black? Ditch that Warehouse jersey dress, swap it for some Osh-Kosh dungaress, and all of sudden you're New Rave, all the rage, in the place to be. Call it new austerity, or retail burnout, bartering is where it's at, and what better way to do it than over a few glasses of advocaat with some close pals.

A tip for the very cunning: if your friends own something you covet, rubbish them Ugly Betty style when they wear it - in advance of announcing your swap party - it's sure to be yours for free some time very soon. And remember, the devil always did have the best parties.

Swap-A-Rama Razzmatazz - Wednesday January 24 at Favela Chic, 91-93 Great Eastern St, EC2.
Dinner from 6pm, swapping from 10pm, hometime at 1am

by SOC
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