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Heartbreak. Not a nice feeling, is it?

My friend Amy's solution is to go out and "kiss a boy". To me, it always seemed a bit stupid - like putting salt in the wound. What if the new boy you kissed didn't call you? Surely, then you'd be even more depressed.

But, recently, after a particularly bad break up, she dragged me out to a City bar and said we weren't leaving until I'd locked lips. Some poor sod eventually obliged, and frankly, I did wake up the next morning with a spring in my step. Kissing - or snogging, as you Brits call it - really is one of the all-time great pastimes.

All the more reason to be excited about the Flash Snog. We've been hearing about flash mobs for years now, but never felt particularly eager to get involved - in London, we have enough crowds. But a Flash Snog - now that's something we can get behind.

Organised by the Dry Spell Institute, this FM follows the usual format (meet at Liverpool street station at 3:08 on Saturday), but this time you'll kiss instead of rave for two minutes.

Before you singles get too excited, the Flash Snog organisers are pretty adamant that it's couples only, so if the person you fancy hasn't got the hint yet, this link might be the ticket.

Flash Snog - 3:08pm February 17th 2007
at Liverpool Street Station, Fulcrum Statue

by EC
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