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Tomorrow sees the opening of London's first Abercrombie & Fitch store in a - some might say - unduly upmarket location on the corner of Savile Row and Burlington Gardens, a stone's throw from Old Bond Street.

After extensive renovation work, and complaints from nearby tailors about the oiled and muscled hunks adorning the giant placards, tomorrow sees this American institution finally open the doors at the beautiful former Royal Bank of Scotland HQ.

Only time will tell if this all-American, casual luxury gear works its magic over here, but the omens for a retailer on this site are not good: previous tenant Jil Sander ran a ship that made the Mary Celeste feel like Piccadilly Circus. We shall see, but with a new Brooks Bros around the corner on Regent Street, Ralph's behemoth on New Bond Street, and Banana Republic on the way, we won't be short of places to buy chinos and colourful sweaters this summer.

The question is, will the clothes work?

Chinos are for coffee afternoons at Starbucks, not all-night boozing at the local.

Abercrombie & Fitch
7 Burlington Gardens, W1
Opens 10am Thursday March 22

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