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Burning Man
LIght up

I've loved Guy Fawkes night since attending my first bonfire eleven years ago. It was in Victoria Park, and the council had hired a team of pyrotechnic specialists to build a flammable castle which exploded and shot coloured flames into the sky. I remember thinking that I had clearly moved to a country that understood how to show people a good time.

Since then, I've attended many bonfires, but my favourite ever was in a small village in Dorset. A local farmer donated his field for the evening and stacked up bales of hay and wooden pallets with his tractor and a group of women were selling mulled wine. The effect of our small gathering sipping wine under the night sky and feeling the warmth of the bonfire on our faces was simply magical.

In the spirit of outdoor, fireside eating, here are 3 recipes that are perfect for creating a bonfire night feast. All are simple 'one-pot' meals that can be cooked over a stove or over a firepit if you have one. Just add a loaf of bread and a few bottles of wine.

Jennifer Klinec from Eat Drink Talk has kindly agreed to provide Urban Junkies readers with mouthwatering recipes and foodtips.

To learn more, classes at Eat Drink Talk are held in Jennifer's beautiful loft in Clerkenwell, packed with information and useful tips, and you'll get to sample all of the delicious dishes prepared during class.

by JK
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