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Curtain Call

There's something about fine quality paper and impossibly polished images that gets most creatives in a furore.

The world of publishing maybe a tough feat to crack but crank the desirability factor to the max and you've got a collectable on your hands.

As is the case with this latest coffee-table tome from photographer Ram Shergill and friends.

Drama unites high fashion with the performing arts. It's Basso & Brooke meets the Rambert Dance Company with lashings of stylish photography. The words aren't bad either with features on the likes of the lead male from the Royal Ballet - Rupert Pennefather to musician and fashion maverick Roisin Murphy.

Will this bi-annual, unisex, mainly monochrome show-stopper last the course? Only time will tell - but it certainly looks the part and with a limited amount of copies going for £6.50 a pop, you'd be wise to invest now before those eBay fiends jump all over it.

Drama magazine is available at RD Franks, W1; Yates Buchanan, W11; Artwords, EC2A and selected boutiques, bookshops and theatres

by JI
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