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Home, James

It's pretty hard not to notice the trend for empowerment that's been relentlessly insinuating itself into our daily lives.

I mean to say, Gawd bless the interweb and all that, but whatever happened to the great British tradition of getting other people to do everything for us?

The PDA culled the social secretary, TV killed the radio star, and social reform swiftly took out the blessed butler and lady-in-waiting.

Social networking may cost £6.5 billion p.a. in 'lost productivity' (balancing nicely with that extra productivity 'found' mysteriously in the 1980s and emphasizing the human desire to do as little as possible) but behold the latest way to while away your employer's money: Mydeco, the brainchild of former lastminute.com directors Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman.

Sod fake friends, now you can build every room in your house; tear down walls; paint, build and wallpaper to your heart's content, drawing from a growing collection of over 500 brands and always with that most sacred 'undo' button.

When you're done playing interior design god, you can then order everything through the site to recreate the look in real life.

All you need then is a few willing young men to carry everything around. And a butler to tell them where to put it. And a social secretary to gather your friends. And a lady-in-waiting...


by AC
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