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PARIS BLOG 28 february - 2 march
The morning after the night before. Having not gotten to bed until the early hours, I'm on on the stand for its opening at 10am - Yasmin Rizvi feels I need a lift with my look today.
The designers are at the ready in the morning to begin to sell their collections. The stand is looking clear and open for the buyers
At Atmosphere...
Not everyone is looking perky this morning...
Buyers begin to arrive to the Atmosphere tent...
The catwalk video played next to the stand helps draw in peoples attention to the stand... Big Thank you to the guys at Apple who helped us out last minute with the new imac - doesn't it look great!!
Clare (here), Diana and I head off to look at the other showrooms and fairs to research the market and check out how all the other Brits and designers are doing.
Our first stop is the fashion destination that EVERY fashionista heads to, the concept store - Collette. Where Diana catches up with her DJ tunes and Clare and I take a look at the new limited edition Westwood book...

As we walk the streets we see some great characters...

I love her glasses.

This lady was from Stockholm - She asked me where my blog would appear - "London?", she said in a League of Gentleman kind of way - "How nice - I LOVE London", "de Urban Junkies?" - "Fantastic dear"..."I'm from Stockholm"!
Outside of Colette
This boarded store looks amazing
And opposite Goyard's PPQ's Percy and Amy take a break and eat a burger...
Rock 'n' Roll
At the luxury Vendome trade show Nathan Jenden's collection looks stunning - It was my favourite of the week (Outside of the On|Off designers collections). On reflection Nathan's sales were all made by pre appointment as Vendome failed to attracted passing trade. His collection is sophisticated, wearable and directional - I love it!
We take a moment to relax at Vendome

Perhaps to try and attract a crowd at Vendome they had a series of "installations" with contemporary dancers and performers. - Unfortunately rather a random and 'dry' attempt.

Perhaps this lady couldn't afford her Euro star ticket?

Erin (my Beagle) would have loved this young pup...

We head to the next trade fair 'Rendez Vous'.

As we enter the fair we walk in to this catwalk - installation presentation.

Unfortunately there are only about 8 people watching... Disappointing to the designers, as the set up and garments looked cool.


The designers appear for their bow.

We struggled to find out who the designers were - as there was no acknowledgement of their names during or post the show. I asked their mother who was part of their audience 'Tuomas and Anna of Latitinen

At the JCDC stand at Rendez Vous - these guys loved the On|Off JCDC Wallets
More of the stands at Rendez Vous
This cute girl models the Christophe Coppens collection
We leave the 1st part of Rendez Vous and make our way to the next site (as Rendez Vous was in 2 separate locations).
Rendez Vous's second location - this photo represents much of the vibe felt by most of the designers throughout the worlds fashion weeks - buyers were few and far between. I think that the worlds economy has really affected sales this season.

This girl was sooooooo cool - her name is Emma and she is 1 of 4 designers from the Kingpins a collective from Australia. Their work reminded me of the arts collective 'Tsubi'...And on a higher vibe than a SuperSuper collection


Fashion Victim?

Non - its Mei Hui Liu of the designer label 'Victim'

Kingpins collection - Diana tries it on!
Kingpins headdress makes its way to the stairs...

Later that evening - Diana, Richard and I take Clare out for her Birthday....

We walked the streets of Gare de L'Est and come across this really cool Algerian restaurant called Le Gourbi Palace on 48 rue Albert Thomas - Metro j.Bonsergent / République.

The owner - was such a nice bloke - accommodating, friendly and happy! Diana mentioned that it was Clare's Birthday and he made up this special cake - Chocolate and Banana deep fried in crispy batter errrmmmmmmm nice!

Clare gets friendly for her birthday...
The celebrations continue back at the hotel...
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