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Monday, December 2 2002
It's Electric
Snag a leather chair at Electric Cinema
Monday morning. Your three-day hangover is kicking into high gear, it's pouring rain, the tube was 're-routed' and there's nothing on TV. What you're craving is a home-cooked meal, but there's nothing but a half-eaten kebab in your fridge. Sound familiar?   Sponsored links:
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Never fear, the EC is here. You’ve probably heard the name. Electric. As in Electric Cinema, Electric Brasserie and Electric House: gotta love the triple treat!

Think leather sofas, footstools, personal tables to put your drinks on - and that’s just the cinema. Sundays and Mondays are cheap seat nights; so make sure to book in advance if you have any plans of snagging a two-seater sofa.

Comfort food with a side of first-rate people watching is brought to you by the Brasserie, and wiith locals like Sade, Jude, Kate and Meg, what other form of entertainment do you need?

Check out www.the-electric.co.uk for show times, brasserie menus, membership details and special event listings

Electric Brasserie, 191 Portobello Road, Ladbroke Grove
Tel: 020 7908 9696

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