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Finger licking good

The last time we went to northern Spain we travelled with a vegetarian. By the end of the trip he was happily munching on lamb chops.

It wasn't the effort of deciphering handwritten menus in the local dialect or trying to explain vegetarianism to unsympathetic waiters. In the end it was simply the sheer quality of the fish and meat dishes on offer.

The only fish dishes that Brighton's currently famous for, however, tend to involve salt and vinegar, which is why new Spanish restaurant Pintxo People might be a welcome culinary addition.

We admit we're curious as to whether they can deliver the "inspired contemporary cuisine direct from the barrios" they talk about on their website. After all it must be really difficult these days to try get the balance between 'just another Spanish bar' and 'trying too hard, fusion nonsense'.

Judging by the sneak preview of the menu they sent us, Pintxo's might have hit the spot. Iberian ham with tomato, olive oil and toast sounds lip-smackingly simple; and while raspberry ravioli and pork medallions with fried pineapple might not be as traditional, it still gets the taste buds tingling, and may be sophisticated enough to keep the hen/stag parties away.

And, of course, it's veggie-friendly. Just don't be surprised if you're overly tempted by the lamb chops.


Pintxo People - opens today, launch March 7th
95-99 Western Road, Brighton BN1 - 01273 732 006
To celebrate the launch, you are exclusively invited to take advantage of a unique sneak preview offer. From Wednesday 1st March to Saturday 11th March enjoy a 50% discount from your food bill. To reserve your place, simply email ellen or call her on 020 7336 0902
by RH
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