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Angelic Creativity
Screen angels

The new online trend towards 'user generated content' is a strange and unpredictable beast.

On a good day it produces fascinating and innovative results, but on a bad day it can descend into the digital equivalent of the Victorian freak show.

Thankfully, projects like A Swarm of Angels go some way to proving that given the right kind of attitude and a trolley load of determination the 'wisdom of the crowd' can produce some cracking results.

The 'angels' in question here are the multitude of micro-investors that founder Matt Hanson hopes to attract to his thoroughly modern movie project. His idea: attract 50,000 punters each willing to part with £25 and then spend that money on creating a new kind of cinema.

But what do you get for your money? Well, quite a bit actually. Each pre-production decision will be put to a vote and during production community members will be paid to work on the film. The end result will then be made available free, online and made available for re-editing.

With 900 angels already signed up, the project is already well on its way, and if it's a choice between spending £25 on a one of those fake 'director's chairs' with your name on the back or a small slice of cinematic history, then we know which one we'd go for.

aSwarmOfAngels.com - Remixing cinema
More info on the website.

by RH
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