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Mayfair Madness
Health warning

The idea that nightlife increasingly takes place in Mayfair as opposed to Soho should be anathema to most right thinking Londoners, but this is the trend.

If you can luxe it up and charge ten times more for it, someone's doing it right now, and probably in Mayfair.

Maddox, the latest uptempo members-only jamboree from the man behind China White and Aura opens tomorrow, and with form like that methinks this club is going to be very, very Marmite: You'll either love it or loathe it.

There's not a whole lot more to say about it really (except that the DJ booth is encased in glass, and suspended from the staircase, which sounds interesting), since they're unlikely to let me in, and even if they did, I'd invoke Groucho Marx's get-out clause (not joining any club that would have me and all that), but it's worth noting that it has an outside terrace, which in the nights following the End of All Smoking on July 1 is sure to be a priceless selling point.

I tell you, if I was minded to start a business, I'd start selling those outside pub heater things right now - there's gold in them thar' things.

Maddox Club & Restaurant - opening Thursday Mar 29
3-5 Mills Street, W1
Info & enquiries 020 7629 8877
Membership is £350

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