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21 Aug 2019

You know what time it is. Our FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR. That’s right. Carnival weekend! With so much going on though, you need to be a bit organised, or you’ll miss your favourite sound systems. This year, that organisation just got a whole lot easier. Developed by event gurus Second Screen, the new Notting Hill Carnival app will help you navigate the streets like a seasoned Carnivalist. Two GPS-powered maps work amongst the chaos, including one that tracks every parade float in real time (Red Bull we see you!). Get all the latest info – travel and otherwise – through push notifications, and if you’re hungry, search ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten free’ to find meals and snacks that cater to your diet – all of the food stalls (and their locations) are listed in the app. Download now and see you on the streets! We can’t wait. .

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