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You think you know London… if it’s good, you’ve heard about it, right? Well every once and awhile you find a gem you had somehow missed, and that’s exactly what ilāpothecary was to us. Located on Kensington Church Street, it may be on a street that feels like it’s from a bygone era, but their methodology is anything but – this is one current spot.


Products with purpose is their mission statement, and here you’ll find 100% natural products that are made in the UK and combine naturopathy, homeopathy and herbology with remedial ingredients to get city dwellers rebalanced and back on track. They use numerology – which believes that numbers have meaning – so you’ll notice that each product is paired with a number, too.


Their new Save-Face Serum is an instant pick-me-up. With hyaluronic acid (hydrating), malachite (detoxifying), ginseng stem cells (plump it up), and moringa (protection from pollution via antioxidants) – and a smell that is more revitalising than any alternative we’ve seen – this should be in every urbanite’s cabinet. They say that 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell, which really makes you think about the importance of scent in everything we do.


They have a host of different treatments, all with specific focuses – i.e. digital detox, energy healing, digestion restoration, happy hormone equilibrium, beat the blues, etc. The treatments are inspired, and so is the tucked-away treatment room.

Don’t Miss

They have a holistic Q&A with approx. 60 rapid-fire questions that you can do that will help them prescribe the right treatments and products. Do it.


Originally published on
8th June 2021


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