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Sushi's so over..

Yeah right. If there's one type of cuisine that we at UJ never tire of, it's sush. Especially the non-gimmicky, non-fusioned, just fresh fish rolled to perfection kind.

Only problem is that if you aren't in the Nobu on a Tuesday or fish flown in from Japan bracket, then it's often a conveyor belt or dial-a-roll decision, where at best you won't get food poisioning.

But help is on the way. At Atami, the new Japanese restaurant in the culinary wasteland (but still central location) that is Westminster, you'll find fresh, affordable creations from head chef Anthony Sousa Tam, who has worked in London greats including Nobu, Hakkasan, Ubon and Tsunami.

As for the décor, there are no LED backlights or electric tables here. Expect a calm contemporary environment, made from natural Japanese materials (including nori seaweed), and concrete (so very now).

So gourmet sush that won't bankrupt you. Now that's a gimmick we'll go with.

Atami - 37 Monck Street, SW1P 2BL - 020 7222 2218

by ND
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