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Problem Solved
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Didn't get the black lab you wanted for Christmas because everyone said puppies are more work than kids?

Yeah, we've heard it before, too.

But as with most things, if you can throw money at the problem, there's a way around it...

A number of organisations can connect you with, amongst other things, reputable pet sitters in your neighbourhood who will watch your 'kids', in your own home (all day or for an extended stay), while you're out to play.

Most also have openings for potential pet sitters, should you be a pet lover but not willing to take the jump to be an owner. Good if you've had a re-think of careers over the holidays (trader or dog walker?), too.

So don't wait until next year to maybe see that wagging tail under the tree. Become a parent of a four legged friend, and make a sitter your new best friend.

The London Dog Walking Company - Greater London
Happy Hounds - Greater London
Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind - City & E
Barkers Petcare - mostly Central & W
London Dog Walking - mostly N
Volunteer schemes at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Mayhew Animal Home.
Petsit.com - for professional petsitting accreditations

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