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London 2007: £12.50 for a cocktail, £4 for a Zone 1 single, and £200 for a night in a hotel.

Don't we live in the most affordable city?

Yeah, right. Yes, we know we choose to live here, and don't even think twice at the aforementioned costs, but on a recent trip to Hamburg, we remembered just how financially smart - and fun - it is to get out of town for the weekend. (Hamburg financial breakdown: £44 to get there, 62 euros for chic boutique hotel, 30 euros for a two-person four-course lunch). It's also a hell of a lot less stressful than our Big Smoke.

If you need a helping hand at choosing where to go, check out Design Hotels who are offering upgrades at over 30 hotels including Farol in Cascais, De Las Letras in Madrid and Klaus K in Helsinki from now until the end of April.

Yes, getting out of London will still cost you as much as the trip, but at least once you get there, you can relax and splurge. After all, we may have to work in an exorbitant city, but doesn't mean we have to play there, too.

Bon Voyage.

Design Hotels Seasonal Spaces+
Promotion runs until April 30 and requires a two-night minimum stay.

by ND
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