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If you haven't already tried the vibrating wonder that is Power Plates, now could be the time.

Based on a regime devised for Russian cosmonauts, you stand on a moving machine and do lunges, press-ups etc - the force of trying to keep stability while exercising gives the consummate work out.

Apparently ten minutes of Power Plates equals an hour of normal training, and although we were skeptical at first (a workout where you don't sweat or really exert yourself; this seems too good to be true), from the muscle aches the morning after, we think the vibrations are doing something right.

Good Vibes is running a two-for-one taster class for you and a partner throughout February so now is a good time to try it out.

Good Vibes
Ground Floor, 14-16 Betterton St, WC2
020 7240 6111
Please quote Urban Junkies when calling

Offer valid for classes at 10am/ 10.30am/11am /11.30am and 3pm Monday-Friday. Cash only.

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