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Recently there's been a lot of press surrounding the trend for tiny, inexpensive hotels.

When describing these establishments journalists and PR people like to use euphemisms like budget, no frills and capsule, which is all fine and dandy but calling these things hotels? Well, that's damn near slander.

A hotel should never resemble a cardboard box painted orange with a toilet thrown in as an afterthought. A hotel should be a refuge from the world; a romantic, mysterious den that seduces you with oversized pillows, complimentary toiletries and the beautiful, beautiful phenomenon that is the residents' bar. So imagine our joy when we overheard someone raving about the Sumner, a swanky townhouse hotel located a stone's throw from Marble Arch.

This hidden gem is located in a 1820s Georgian Terrace so there's not an inch of MDF in the whole place, and instead of migraine-inducing tangerine décor the rooms have that classy mix of intimate traditionalism and modern necessities like air-con and wireless broadband.

To top it off the prices are on the right side of reasonable, which means you afford a cocktail or two to sip as you take a seat in the elegant, cosy sitting room and amuse yourself by coming up with even more euphemisms for 'cramped and annoying'.

The Sumner Hotel
54 Upper Berkeley Street, W1
020 7723 2244
Special Winter rates from £99 + tax until end of Feb

by RH
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