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Eames chair

There's a montage sequence in the movie Wall Street where Charlie Sheen decorates his flash new Manhattan condo. It basically involves a carpenter who looks like he plays keyboards in Duran Duran, a gaggle of bohemian types creating a huge neo-classical mural, and quite a bit of Talking Heads music.

Until very recently I thought this was how all properties were decorated. I was wrong. It turns out that decorating can be as soul-destroying, wallet-emptying and time-consuming as buying the actual house. And that's before you even step foot in Ikea.

However, in my quest to replicate that effortless, brat pack interior-décor nirvana I have discovered Retrouvius and somehow that has made everything a little bit better.

Despite being almost unpronounceable, Retrouvius (motto: "bridging the gap between destruction and construction") is a godsend for anyone who wants to add a bit of salvage yard chic to their home but doesn't necessarily have Charlie Sheen's ill-gotten, insider trading dollars to spend.

Huge, solid oak desks for under two hundred quid, tables made out of Tube signs, and some Eames aluminium chairs that we would happily kill for, the place is a goldmine. But, be warned, just having a quick browse on the website might mean you end up in Kensal Green this weekend with a slight dent in your overdraft.

Now where did I put that Talking Heads cassette?


by RH
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