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Remember the heady mid-nineties of Brit-Pop, when somehow people like Ginger Spice, Liam Gallagher, and Tony Blair seemed cool, funky and so, so Metropolitan?

The bar of those heady days was the Met Bar, in the Metropolitan Hotel, and it seemed to embody the times. I.e., virtually nobody could get in - not even hotel guests for gawds sake - and when you eventually did, you found it was a tiny room full of people laughing loudly, while looking around furtively to see if anyone actually was famous.

It's been a long while since those heady days, and while The Met Bar ticks along nicely, the rest of the hotel is trying to regain its cool with a more egalitarian event on Thursday and Friday evenings. The Lobbyists takes place from 6-9pm and is perfect for a posh, post-work drink and a bite to eat, before you head off somewhere else.

Cocktails and food are themed month by month, with the first event kicking off tonight. July, appropriately enough, is themed 'Music Festival Month'. You might not bump into All Saints or Blur, but then these days - who needs more celebrities? We've got enough haven't we?

The Lobbyists - launch tonight 6-9pm
Every Thursday & Friday at the Lobby Lounge at Metropolitan Hotel, Old Park Lane, W1

by SOC
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