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The artist Van Gogh may have starved for his craft. But, today, art isn't much fun if you're broke. So if you're on the crap side of the creative/ business divide, you'll be pleased to learn there are new ways for amateurs to make money, even if it's not very much.

Advertising Agency Jack Liberties has put out a call for 'creatives'. They're looking for scene artists, graffiti artists, dancers, showgirls, DJs and filmmakers; anybody with creative zing to work on their campaigns. Take a look at puttingthewordonthestreet.com and, if you like where they're coming from, send in your cv/ portfolio/ sample/ short. You never know, it might be the start of something big.

For amateur photographers, and others lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, scoopt.com could be a nice little earner. It accepts photographic submissions from amateurs 24/7 - the news never stops! - and markets the images internationally through Getty, one of the world's largest picture agencies.

All you have to do is get the shot.

Jack Liberties - putting the word on the street
Scoopt - citizen journalism
Musician? Try your luck on Indietunes or Frisky Tunes

by OH
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