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Playboy may have lost some of their clout lately. The original naughty but nice magazine has seen the internet ruin their business. Who's really going to go through the trauma of buying a skin magazine when you can download load it from the comfort of your own sofa. For free.

So Playboy seems to be taking a new business route, expanding into unchartered areas. Like, um, fashion.

Hugh Hefner's empire is opening a 4,000 square-foot flagship store on Oxford Street, the ninth in the world and the largest ever Playboy shop.

What can you expect? Along with a gallery of the magazine's seminal photography, you can get sportswear and - wait for it - eveningwear for the more "sophisticated" customer. Because sophisticated and Playboy clearly go hand in hand.

Whatever's next? An on schedule slot at London Fashion Week?

Never say never.

Playboy Style - opens Tuesday Sep 18
153 Oxford Street, W1
020 7292 6080

by EC
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