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Six Wines Eight

We've talked a lot about wine here recently, some might say a little too much, but in our defence there's a lot going on in the world of vino right now. That once dependable stalwart of the high street Oddbins seems to be on its last legs, and in its place have sprung a number of independent, boutiquey booze merchants.

Philglas and Swiggot are the relative old boys on the circuit, having been around since the early 90s, and more recently The Sampler have been doing the independent, anti-snobby thing very well in Islington. The latest contender, based on Bermondsey Street, is Six Wines Eight.

This store (which has recently made the transition from the web to the real world) stocks six rotating wines, each in eight different styles, with prices starting at a fiver and capped at around the pocket-friendly twenty quid.

The emphasis here is on demystifying the whole businesses, so much so that styles are all described in three words (that everyone can understand!) and are even colour coded so you can navigate the stock easily and discover immediately what will go best with your barbecued beefburger or your beef bourguignon.

Wine buying made fun and easy? Jilly Goolden will be rolling in her cellar, but we love it.

Six Wines Eight - - 020 7231 4477
100-102 Tower Bridge Rd, SE1
Mon-Tue, Sat 11-8, We-Fr 11-9, Sun 12-5

by RH
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