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A Crafty Buy

There are so many online art buying sites out there, but unfortunately so few that we actually want to buy from.

Enter NewBloodArt.com, offering thousands of original works, mostly from fine art graduates. The founder, Sarah Ryan, previously an A-level art teacher, saw a gap between consumers' desire to own affordable artwork and the need of many artists to make a living.

She visits art schools around the country to recruit gifted young things to sell their drawings, paintings and photography through the website, and since there are no online overheads, artists and buyers both get a better deal. It also means no schlepping around ghettos and having to explain what you like to intimidating art dealers.

And at NewBloodArt with paintings starting as low as £50, you can buy it because you like the colours, instead of worrying about how it will appreciate (although some of it has and will). Which means you can finally afford to take down your boyfriend's Banksy reprint.


by LB
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