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Wednesday, April 16 2003
Foxy lady. How hard does she, um, get you?

Thatcher ruled the roost for 11 years - and don't we all just know about it?

Love her or hate her - surely this woman inspired Girl Power in some way - the mere mention of her name can still stir up some violent emotions.

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Another spectacular Tate & Egg live event. Tonight the three-staged Death & Resurrection offers Bach cantatas in St Paul's, a light stick walk across the Millenium Bridge and Quay Bros. screenings in the Tate Modern. 7:30pm. St Paul's Cathedral, EC4. £15-27. Bookings online.
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The aim of the new 'Thatcher Gallery' show at the Blue Gallery in Clerkenwell is to demonstrate and explore Baroness Thatcher's "erotic-iconic quality" through works produced by 30 artists who grew up during her time in power... Amazing that after all these years she's still capable of being a controversial subject but the plan is to indeed make some history.

After all, this is the woman who inspired President Mitterand to describe her as having "the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marylin Monroe" so there might be some interesting interpretations of this Look in there. Helmet Hair meets Conservative Blue suit meets "Happy Birthday Mr President" or maybe an installation of Iron Handbag as Weapon?

Work will include pieces from last year's Turner Prize Winner Martin Creed and Mark Wallinger whose statue of Christ was displayed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Artist Kenny Hunter has also produced a limited edition T-shirt which might be of interest depending on his thoughts on Mrs T.

'Thatcher Gallery' from April 16-May 10
At the Blue Gallery, 15 Great Sutton St, EC1 020 7490 3833
Free admission


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For more Girl Power, this woman makes the Spice Girls look just posh. For one night only, creator of Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, Penny Arcade's New York Values. Queen Elizabeth Hall at 7:45pm. Belvedere Rd, SE1. £12.50-15. Book on 020 7960 4242 or online.
A day was portrayed and snapped by more than 1,000 entrants to last year's 24 hour London photo competition. The best entries are on show at the London Transport Museum from today. 10am-6pm. Covent Garden, WC2. £6. Or go see the finalists for free at Piccadilly Tube St.
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