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Monday, June 13 2005:
Around The Globe
Incongruity is a funny (and ubiquitous) aspect of modern life. It leads to things like restaurants ...
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Tuesday, June 14 2005:
The Future is Bright
A life lived completely in orange, as Hari Krishnas and Dutch football fans will tell you, is no ...
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Wednesday, June 15 2005:
Good Lookin'
The other day I was on the Tube and I saw a woman carrying her Mini iPod in a sock. Nothing...
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Thursday, June 16 2005:
Rolling In It
Does anyone actually use any of those 'personal shopper' services? Isn't the thought of ...
  Friday, June 17 2005:
So just where are the A-list hiding out these days? Yesteryear's sleb clubs are looking a little worn...
  Monday, June 20 2005:
Start Again
Sometimes we all need a new start. Whilst everybody always need fabulous accessories...
Tuesday, June 21 2005:
Not only am I never the bride, I'm never the frickin' bridesmaid either. So there's a teensy bit...
Wednesday, June 22 2005:
A Room of Your Own
Shunned by your local karaoke night because of your unorthodox approach to melody?...
Thursday, June 23 2005:
Great Things Come in Small...
Small may be beautiful, but cheaper is certainly better. In the era where tiny is sexy...
Friday, June 24 2005:
All Access
Members clubs. God, don't you hate them. You drop a grand for membership and, boom, a...
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