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The technical bit: RSS, often referred to as Really Simple Syndication is a file format that allows you to subscribe to the content on this website - or any website that offers it. RSS describes sequences of entries and becomes a 'feed' because the content of the file is updated when the content of the website changes. Your RSS reader will register that there has been a change and will notify you of those changes. For example, when a new post is added to the 2006 blog, your reader will show you the title and a short summary of the entry. You can choose whether to follow a link to the actual blog entry on this website, and your preferred browser should come to the front and load the appropriate page.

You may often see a link on a site that says 'Syndicate this site' or a graphic such as this one: RSS These indicate that you can subscribe to the content of the site. Clicking directly on the link will often lead you to a page of code which may not look intelligible. That's the file in all its raw glory for you. Some browsers have RSS readers built in to them and will be a bit kinder to you - Safari on Mac OSX is particularly friendly in this respect. What you'll want to do with an RSS link is to copy the link (right-click on the link on a PC, Ctrl-click on a Mac) and paste it into the 'Subscribe' box of your RSS reader software (see below for some choices) and voila!

This info is blatantly plagiarised from spiritoffootball.com thanks!

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