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British Touch

Seems like this year, everyone's after a bit of British 'cool'.

Sienna's made American Vogue, Luella's designing for Target (tacky but lucrative!), Madge just bought another house, and Gwennie's changing her whinging tune.

It's never been cooler to be British, and although we've always known this, now it seems that the world's paying homage.

First there's Colette. This week, if you happen to be on Rue Saint-Honoré, you could do worse than stopping in at Colette to check out their 'Englishness' themed UK Jack, OK! showcase, which includes contributions from British talent like Shrigley and dance troupe DV8, as well as from fashion heavyweights like Jefferson Hack, and Miss Menkes and online fashion fave, SHOWstudio.

Then across the pond, this May there's Anglomania: Tradition and Transgression, which will explore the past and present of design, in the Met's prime time exhibition slot. Am sure half of London will clear out for the opening.

And last but not least, on our fair shores, Wednesday sees the once-every three years Tate Triennial, which celebrates the Best of the British contemporary art and tries to find the next gen of YBAs, and then Saturday sees the launch of FuturePunk at Selfridges.

So if you haven't cashed in on your British cool, there’s never been a better time. Yes, we may not have pearly whites, or lean mean limbs, but we've got style, which goes a long, long way...



by ND
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