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My favourite Easter memory is being in Crete one year where, on Sunday morning, they left a basket of painted eggs and little cakes outside our door - sweet, simple and somehow still in touch with what Easter is really about.

Here, on the other hand, it's chicks, bunnies and chocolate eggs a-go-go, as far as the eye can see - not that I'm complaining but once you've seen one Green & Black/Rococo/Flake egg, you've kinda seen them all.

The alternative? Make the most of the long weekend and get seriously indulgent sampling London's finest chocolate confections at three of its swankiest restaurants.

Italian's do it better at Brunello at the Baglione hotel, where a lethal warm white truffle and chocolate fondant comes with olive oil ice cream (believe us, it works).

At Fifty, St James's answer to a slice of Vegas, there is a more oriental slant at Rama, where white chocolate pavlova comes with a yuzu sorbet and is garnished with Thai basil (in case you were missing your greens).

Then finally - if you're still up to it - on to Zuma, whose secret weapon, pastry chef Eddie Lee, is responsible for a warm melting chocolate fondant with praline centre that isn't actually on the menu but still manages to sell to over 900 customers. Now that's word of mouth.

Brunello @ The Baglioni Hotel, 60 Hyde Park Gate, SW7 - 020 7368 5900
Rama @ Fifty, 50 St James’s St, SW1 - 0870 415 5050
Zuma, Raphael Street, SW7 - 020 7584 1010

by SL
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