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Au Revoir Waterloo

St Pancras. Still feels dingy, chaotic, and more like a place that you travel through than to, but we hardly need to tell you that changes are afoot here.

Today is the last day that the Eurostar will leave from Waterloo (au revoir!), transferring all services, overnight, to the new super slick St Pancras.

And should you be eager to test drive this new route, may we suggest pulling a sickie, and heading to Lille for lunch (so decadent, so romantic)?

In the same amount of time it take to get from East Dulwich to, well, anywhere (80 mins from the station), you can be at Lille's best gastro secret, La Cave Aux Fioles (book first), an eccentric dining room where menus start at EUR 13.

Once you've washed down your dorade sauce vierge, or filet de boeuf with a bottle of Brouilly (or two), there'll still be time for a potter round the Rue De Gand, a quick beer at the famous Trois Brasseurs (in Gare Flandres) before the 730 train back to St Pancras.

On arrival back at St Pancras, cap off the evening with a bellini at Europe's longest champagne bar. All 300 feet of it. With heated, button-operated seats.

Not exactly a meal deal from Boots at King's Cross now, is it?

La Cave Aux Fioles, 39 rue de Gand - +33 3 2055 1843
operates up to ten daily services from St Pancras International to Lille with return fares from £55. Tickets are available online or call 08705 186 186

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