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Princes Among Pubs

There can't be any establishment more suited to the British weather than the pub, and any season more suited to pub-going than this one (or rather the one that runs from now until June), so it's always nice when new ones pop up that need our immediate attention.

This week's must-visit is the Prince Arthur in London Fields, the latest venture from Ed and Tom Martin, the dynamic brother duo behind The Empress and The Gun. The first signs are promising: think stuffed stags heads, Chesterfield banquettes, pork pie with piccalilli and Lancashire hotpot, with an impressive selection of draft and cask ales.

Then next week the Prince Albert in Camden smartens up its act, lovingly restored - leaded glass, tiling, wood panelling and all - by another brother act, Tim and Nick Cockburn. With the capable David Gill in charge of the kitchen they've even gone so far as to call it a Bar & Restaurant and are serving up such cosy delights as rabbit and wild mushroom pie with globe artichoke and mash, and roast Barbary duck breast, turnip dauphinoise and honey-glazed carrots. Oh, and there's good booze too.

That should kill a few dark and drizzly evenings in the coming weeks.

The Prince Albert Bar & Restaurant
Royal College Street, N1
020 7485 0270

The Prince Arthur
95 Forest Road, E8
020 7249 9996

by SL
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