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Welcome Back

Welcome back to work. It's great, yeah.

Now go away again.

After the recent festivities you may feel like crawling into a concrete pipe and going to sleep, which you can do at Das Parkhotel, in Ottensheim, Austria. The hotel consists of three concrete pipes which provide a rather utilitarian approach to bedding down - just the kind of austere penance you need after all that excess.

Rooms are booked online (they send you an entrance code) and charged on a 'as you wish' basis - which is handy. The pipes are located in a park so you can use the nearby bathrooms and cafes, and I'm told they're really rather cosy once you're inside. Each is equipped with a double bed and power.

If that's not isolated enough for you then why not stay at the top of a crane in Harlingen, The Netherlands. The cage ladders have been replaced by two specially designed lifts which whiz you up to a truly post-industrial spectacle of modernist design married to spectacular views over Harlingen Harbour.

Das Parkhotel, Ottensheim - pay 'as you wish'
Havenkraan, Harlingen - from EUR 319

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