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Miss Roxy

We've all seen 2001 and Terminator, so it's no surprise that giving robots too much power can be a very bad thing. But did you know that the dangers of artificial intelligence aren't just limited to evil cyborgs, but extend to that phone in your pocket and even (gasp!) ice cream machines?

Gadgets that collect information about you can be a good thing. Take, for example, the new Nike Amp+/Apple watch. It tells the time, controls your iPod and gives voice feedback of your calorie-burning, sweat-inducing efforts; so it's like a personal trainer/remote on your wrist, then.

But where we start getting worried is when Mitsubishi announces its new 'wellness navigator phone', which not only can gathers information about your body fat and pulse rate but also contains a bad breath detector! (WTF?)

And if you think that's weird then you may want to look away now because they're coming for your dessert! The Dr Whippy machine recently exhibited at the Ars electronica festival requires you to undergo a voice stress analysis test and then dispenses the correct amount of ice cream designed to combat any unhappiness you may be feeling.

Think that sounds fun? Then consider this: what happens if your fancy watch breaks, you can't go running, your body fat goes up, you get depressed and a nearby machine starts giving you extra ice cream... which makes your breath smell.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

by RH
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