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It's difficult to keep up with the kooky, avant garde club kids and creatives of London town; especially if you're not the type that's prepared to cover yourself in glitter whilst constructing elaborate Leigh Bowery-inspired outfits to go dancing in, all night, every night. Luckily you can now see what the kids are doing from the comfort of your own home!

Three young, enterprising individuals, Josef Valentino (18), Callum T (18). and Nantaya (20) have come up with Pollocks. Essentially a website, it aims to be an online playground that individuals can upload and share their work - whether it's a performance art video, interview or even fashion shoot.

Valentino says they started the site as an 'antidote to trashy gossip blogs'. These three musketeers aren't just out to make a quick buck off of the back of their friend's creative efforts either, insisting it's not about 'commercial money', it's all about the ideas (yes, they do sound like future art hippies to me too!).

Pollocks isn't just an online project either, it's a monthly event, too. Debuting in March, the first night will be in an art gallery where everyone will be invited to bring their work and stick it up on the walls to 'put the interaction back into communication'.

Is it really Pollocks or just a load of old b*ll*cks - you decide!


by RDS
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