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Hard Times

Times 'r 'ard!

Freelancers are hurtin' from the pain of forgetting they actually have to pay tax on all the lovely lolly they earnt last year (six days and counting, and they KNOW where you live), and the Super Rich are down to their last diamond encrusted Baby Bentley since the stock market crash.

Luckily three things in life are free: Art, Air, and Ambling. Why not combine all three with a tour of London's outdoor art? Start at Broadgate Square with
Richard Serra's stunning 40ft high rusting hulk of modernism, before elevating yourself with the gravity-defying Leaping Hare by Barry Flanagan around the corner.

Moving westward through the ruins of what only last week was the world's most vital financial centre, you can view a stunning cubist figure in St Bride Street.

Finally, marvel at the symbolism of Laura Ford's sculpted badgers scrabbling for food in the bins outside The Economist building - a portent of hard times if ever there was one.

Laura Ford's sculptures are outside The Economist building on St James Street until Feb 1. The other sculptures are permanent.

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