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It's a piece of cake to appear intelligent from the outset. Donning some Morrissey like lenses, too short trousers and leaving a copy of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' or some other tale of great struggle on your floor is the easy bit.

It's continuing this carry on to the social level (i.e., so that comrades may ascertain that it's hip to be square from within as well) that requires mountains more research and potentially, the risking of one's reputation.

Think you need some help? The LWF (aka London Word Festival) is an event that harnesses the best of library loser and backseat bandit. Here you can experiment with a variety of spoken word pundits in some hip inner east venues that allow you to be more Ferris Bueller then Martin Prince.

Highlights include performances by the daddy of NY spoken word hip hop Saul Williams and a premiere of Edward Larrikan's solo play 'Camusflage Krokodial' and fresh acoustic project 'The Pan I Am.'

So, whilst LWF may sounds unnervingly like LFW (London Fashwan Week), here, m'dears, it's what's inside that really counts. Allegedly.

London Word Festival
From today until March 13, variety of east venues

by KA
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