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Salon Selectives

Ever wondered what that Peter Doig canoe might really look like hanging above your stairs? After all it's hard to imagine when you only ever see contemporary art in fancy pants galleries with walls like virtiginous cliffs.

Surely you want to see your possible first art purchase next to furniture, beside a window onto a garden or while sitting on a sofa. Well, I know I would (if I had the dosh for a Doig, that is).

Vannessa Suchar, a gallerist gallery (or, 'galleriste sans gallerie' as she would have it in her cute French) without a gallery has one possible answer. Presenting one-off exhbibitions in private houses and 'intimate spaces' anywhere between South Ken and Rome, Suchar is a one-women interface between artists, homeowners and potential buyers of contemporary art who find traditional galleries intimdating, exclusive and just not that welcoming, dammit (are you listening, Cork Street?).

Suchar's latest intimate affair shows a wide range of artists including Cederic Christie, Luisa Caldwell and Holly Miller, which is impressive, but perhaps the thing I love most of all is that we can finally save the word 'salon' from its cheesy association with perms, bikini waxes and eyelash tinting. Praise the lord!

At Mews 42 until Mar 15
42 Princes Gate Mews, SW7

by DW
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