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Henry Holland

We caught up with Henry before the LFW madness


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Just as he gears to show his SS18 collection at London Fashion Week, we had a quick chat with House of Holland designer Henry Holland to find out where he goes when he’s in the capital with a spare moment.

All-time favourite London restaurant?
Oh, my all time favourite London restaurant is J Sheekey because I’ve had some very special occasions in there with some very close people. I love the old school nature of it, and I love how British it feels, and I love that you’re in the heart of theatre-land and it feels very London.

Where do you go when you want to celebrate?
To the nearest place that sells alcohol.

Where’s your favourite dancing spot?
Eastern Bloc in the Eastend. I don’t really go out dancing that much anymore, but if I do it’s there.

What’s your local?
The Empress in Victoria Park. The food is delicious and it’s next-door-but-one to my house.

What was the last thing you bought?
Some paintings. I’ve done a collaboration with an artist for an upcoming project, and as part of it she created some original artworks. I felt a bit jealous of other people owning the originals, so I brought some to hang in my living room.

Henry Holland was speaking on behalf of online job boards totaljobs and Milkround in their latest campaign around achieving a healthier work-life balance.

Originally published on
12th September 2017


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