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Charles Pelletier

Of Serge et le Phoque fame

In Conversation

Discover where the co-founder of new culinary hotspot Serge et le Phoque wines and dines.

All-time favourite London restaurant?

Hoppers in Soho does incredible Sri Lankan – they really know their food. One of our chefs in Hong Kong is Sri Lankan and I really miss his cooking. I’ve heard they’ve just opened another Hoppers in Marylebone.

Where do you go when you want to celebrate?

We tend to head next door to The Blue Posts pub. The pubs in London are one of my favourite things about this city. If I can’t find one of my team in the restaurant or in the office, I know they’ll be there. We call it the second office.

What’s your favourite bar in London, and what do you order?

I recently tried Scout in Old Street which was amazing. My order depends on my mood but I prefer dark spirits so it’ll always involve whisky.

Favourite international bar?

Le Mary Celeste in Paris. The owner, Carine, is my wife’s best friend and godmother to our daughter. She is the queen of bars. She has 5 there!

Your ideal day off?

Spent in the English countryside. Last weekend my wife, daughter and I visited a farm in Surrey. My daughter absolutely loved the ponies and we finished the day off with a great roast.

What’s been your favourite part of launching Serge et le Phoque in London?

Building the team and making a restaurant family that is so cosmopolitan. We have a team from so many different countries, I love it.

What’s been the most unexpected part of it?

As a restaurateur we work our hardest to make sure we don’t have any surprises!

Who is the chef to watch right now?

Nurdin Topham at the Michelin-starred restaurant Hedone in Chiswick. Nurdin ran Nur in Hong Kong when we were there and we loved it.


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