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Colin McSherry and Liam Davy

Two parts of the Gridiron team

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After a visit to their new opening Gridiron, we caught up with head chef Colin McSherry (Nuala) and GM Liam Davy (Bad Sports) to find out their favourite spots in the city.

Can you recommend a hidden gem we might not know of?
Colin: Perilla in Stoke Newington.
Liam: There’s a delicious Uyghur restaurant in Walthamstow called Etles. It’s like an even more rough-and-ready version of Silk Road – great for a hot bowl of noodles on the way home from work.

Where do you go to celebrate?
Colin: The Hoxton Hotel. Always a good vibe, and you’re assured a late drink.
Liam: I absolutely love a long, boozy lunch at Casse-Croûte on Bermondsey St.

What’s your all-time favourite London restaurant?
Colin: The Ledbury. It was my first job in London when I moved here at 21 and it’s been my favourite restaurant ever since.
Liam: Bad Sports! R.I.P.

What’s the best thing you’ve done in London recently?
Colin: Watching four pensioners rocking out at the Olympic stadium at the Rolling Stones gig last year. Brilliant.
Liam: I took a month off in the summer which was wonderful. London in the summer is amazing when you have nothing to do.

What’s your local?
Colin: The Golden Heart on Commercial Street, the main reason being that Sandra, the landlady of 35 years, always guarantees a good night’s craic.
Liam: The Princess of Wales in Clapton. It reminds me of the pub you have to go to with your relatives before a wedding in the country. Good though.


Originally published on
11th December 2018


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