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Fergus and Sharmin Jackson

Co-founders of Brick House Bakery

In Conversation

It’s the time of year of indulging in baked goods, so we thought it was about time we caught up with Sharmin and Fergus Jackson, founders of Brick House Bakery. Keep reading to find out where to go for the best pastries, and some hidden south London gems.

Where do you go for baked goods in London?
For pastries, Little Bread Peddler takes some beating. For bread either The Dusty Knuckle for their potato sourdough, or The Snapery for their Field Loaf.

Where are your favourite south London spots?
Tough question. For lunch, hands down it would be Theo’s Pizzeria in Camberwell. For dinner, a dead heat between Artusi in Peckham and The Camberwell Arms.

Can you recommend a hidden gem we might not know about?
We have a great Turkish place near us in New Cross called Meze Mangal. It’s not quite as charming as it used to be after its marble makeover a few years ago, but the guys manning the grill know what they’re doing, and you get a good mixed crowd in there.

What’s your all time favourite London restaurant?
Fergus: The Anchor & Hope in Waterloo is probably mine; proper food, proper cooking, relaxed vibe.
Sharmin: I love Rochelle Canteen, it still feels like a bit of a hidden gem, but Leroy has recently also stolen my heart.

Where do you go to celebrate?
If we’re feeling flush, The River Café. The food is always amazing, and it just feels really special.


Originally published on
27th November 2018


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