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Frank Pinello

Owner of Brooklyn’s Best Pizza

In Conversation

Pizza fans rejoice, because Frank Pinello (of NY’s famed Best Pizza, and Munchies’ Pizza Show) has joined forces with UJ fave Yard Sale from 6th-31st August and we caught up with him whilst he’s in town.

What’s your all time favourite restaurant in London?
St. John is my favourite restaurant in London. The simplicity and class make it one of my all time favourite restaurants anywhere! I had an amazing experience the first time I went – I was travelling alone and ate at the bar, and Fergus Henderson walked in as I was finishing up. I told him I was a young chef and I’d used loads of recipes from his book, which I had with me, and he chatted to me and signed it. It was like meeting Michael Jordan.

And in NYC?
That’s a tough one. My answer for that was always my grandmother’s basement. Since she passed, I’d have to say Lucali or Bamonte’s – they both give me that feeling of family and community I crave from good restaurants.

Where do you go for drinks in NYC?
The Commodore is my favourite bar in New York, and my neighbourhood watering hole (it’s right on my block). I love Maison Premiere for an excellent cocktail, and The Four Horsemen (owned by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem) is good for a plate of pasta and a great glass of wine.

Who is your chef to watch right now?
Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske are super talented… here in New York they have two great restaurants, Contra and Wildair, and they just opened an amazing pizzeria – Una Pizza Napoletana – with Anthony Mangeri.

Originally published on
14th August 2018


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