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Glyn Fussell

The man behind Sink the Pink and Metropolis

In Conversation

As the co-founder of East Creative (Sink the Pink, Mighty Hoopla, Metropolis), Glyn Fussell is the man behind some of London’s best nightlife, and one of our favourite people. Keep reading for his tips, and make sure you book in for Sink the Pink’s weird and wonderful Christmas show, How to Catch a Krampus, ASAP – it’s one of our annual festive highlights.

What’s your favourite dancing spot?
The Glory! I LOVE that pub, It’s got the best energy and there’s always something on that’s bonkers and fresh at the same time!

What’s your all time favourite London restaurant?
I am a BIG Dishoom fan. That black dahl is life affirming and hip busting.

What’s your local?
Jim’s on Chatsworth Road in Clapton. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but on Sundays it’s the place to hang out. It’s a biker cafe but the food is SO epic!

What’s next for you?
A LOT. Planning a big tour next year with Sink The Pink and getting ready to launch Mighty Hoopla festival.

Can you recommend a hidden gem?
The Karaoke Hole in Dalston. It’s underneath Voodoo Rays and is the BEST! Karaoke but camper – and with effects. Also AMAZE cocktails.


Originally published on
20th November 2018


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