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Mark Gurney

Director and Sommelier of Salon, Brixton

In Conversation

Ahead of Salon’s next Strictly Bangers night (natural wines + vinyl, #UJLoves) we speak to Mark Gurney, director and sommelier of the Brixton restaurant. The next event is on 5th July with Fran and Mat Roberts (Westerns Laundry/Primeur) – get your tickets here.

What should we be drinking this summer?

Decent wine in a box – white, rose, red – all nicely chilled and ready to whip out at the nearest park/ festival/ BBQ. It uses less packaging, has a smaller carbon footprint and once opened it stays good for at least 2 weeks! I’m particularly fond of Andrew & Emma Nielsen’s Du Grappin’s “bagnums” and 5 litre BiBs. Superb value and quality.

All-time favourite London restaurant?

Oooof, too hard. But with a gun to my head, I’d say Lyle’s for pure subtlety and craft.

What’s your track of the summer?

Melodies International have just reissued Womack & Womack’s seminal late 80s classic ‘Missin’ Persons Bureau’ (Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom mix)” on 12’. Anthemic doesn’t come close.

Who is your chef to watch right now?

Jonathan Parry from the The Mash Inn. His energy and sheer creativity is always astounding. And he’s a beautiful human to boot.

Can you recommend us somewhere we might not have been?

Sakeya in Pop Brixton is a wonderful and tiny (5-6 standing places) Japanese fish bar. Niroko, the owner, is an artist with her knife and creates beautiful sushi and nigiri.

Originally published on
3rd July 2018


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