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Michael Milosh

We speak to the Rhye frontman

In Conversation

Just after the launch of Rhye’s second album BLOOD (which FYI – is office perfect R&B), we caught up with frontman Michael Milosh to find out where he likes to hang in London and beyond.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been listening to the most recent album from Lorde, Melodrama, along with Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life record. It’s interesting to hear pop music that is not formulaic, the production is really different from most typical pop albums. [It’s] not what you typically expect a massive pop project to sound like, which is great to hear.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in LA?
Winsome. That’s my go to breakfast spot here in Los Angeles. I usually go for the classic breakfast with avocado and jam, and I change it up a bit depending on the morning. Little Doms is also one of my favorites, another breakfast spot. Breakfast is usually the meal I most enjoy eating out for during the day.

When you come over to London, where’s your favourite place to visit?
Tate Modern is by far my favorite place in London. The structure of the building is incredible, and the exhibits that are showcased are always unique to the space. I’ll usually go with a fellow museum lover so we can talk about everything we see – it’s an amazing way to spend the day in London.

Where do you go to celebrate in LA or London?
Usually when celebrating, I head to Big Sur on the coast of California. It’s my favorite place to recharge and spend time reflecting.

What’s your order at the bar?
Leffe is my go-to beer, it’s very rich and savory.


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