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Farm Girl had us at gold lattes so when we heard tell of a new all-day dining opening in Chelsea, we had to find out more from the co-founder herself, Rose Mann.

What’s your all-time favourite London restaurant?
I have so many favourites in London. I love Casa Cruz, the vibe, food, service, interiors are all amazing.

Where do you go when you want to celebrate?
The Cow in Notting Hill – what’s not to love?!

What’s your favourite bar in London?
A big fan of Chess Club in Mayfair, their cocktails are so good and always amazing service.

What’s been the secret to Farm Girl’s success in London?
The pink tables… kidding, I think it’s the package; comforting simple food, great coffee, relaxed environment and of course Beata’s beautiful turquoise tiles!

What can you tell us about Farm Girl’s first all-day restaurant in Chelsea?
More tiles! And yummy yummy wine! It’s going to be very pretty and cosy – it’s designed by Beata Heuman, who did our Notting Hill interiors, so there will be notes to the original design, but with some new features.

Originally published on
6th February 2018


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